Willard Water
Green Magma
Celtic Sea Salt
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar
George's Aloe Drink
Hyland's Homeopathics
Formula 303

American Polarity Therapy Association

Polarity Therapy is a comprehensive system involving energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise and self-awareness. APTA is responsible for the ethical application of Polarity Therapy worldwide.

StillPoint Silent Retreats
Stillpoint retreats offers you the experience of your True and Innermost Self. You will learn effective techniques to retain this state of Living in Silence while being in the intense activity of everday life.

Essiac Herbal Tea
(Only Authorized & Trusted USA Contact)
Linda Paulhus @ 978-462-4976
This is the only genuinely authorized U.S. contact for Essiac Herbal Tea.