Events/Workshops  *NOTE: you must be pre-paid & registered to attend

Sacred Space Healing  ~ SUN 10/22 ~ 11/12~ 12/3  at 1:00 $54  ... Pre-Paid Registration Required 

Experience this unique semi-private energy system restoration for body, mind and spirit.  Powerful high frequency vibrations are created by the synergy of group intentions.  Join in for the transformative Sacred Space Healing, with energy system re-boot, clear quartz chakra balance, and universal sound healing therapy.  Easily release conscious, and sub-conscious stress, allowing the flow of  vital life forces.
Limited to "4" participants ... Call/Text to Reserve @ 978-424-3813

NEW: Sacred Space Healing  ~ Wed October 4th @ 6:30 $54  and Sun Oct 15th 1:00 & 3:00 at True Essence Healing in Byfield.

Join us for a restorative Ayurvedic Energy Balancing.  Semi-Private format provides you with the perfect peaceful setting to relax & renew.  Together, we will create the a sacred space for you to release tension, and absorb the magnified healing vibrations of group energy.  Space Limited So Register Early to Save Your Spot @ 978-424-3813

 Introduction to Contemplative Meditation ~  Sunday May 9th 11-1:00 $22
Thomas Keating, A Rising Tide of Silence" a documentary following the remarkable life of a theologian who at one time was the director of St. Josheph's Abby.  Share the story of a man loved by many, and respected by all, as he found his deepening experience.  We will also experience our own deepening of Inner Silence following the film. 

"Points for Life" Functional Kinesiology for the Home ~ Sunday May 7th 11-3:00 $65  Intro to muscle testing method that allows you to tap into the body's inherent healing wisdom by usinig specific body points to detect and correct "brown outs" in the body's computer.  Restore bio-chemical and immune response during physical challenges. Used worldwide since 1976 ... based on the work of Dr. Victor Frank, D.C., N.D. LAc

RYSE I & II ~ Sunday March 12th 11-3:00 $125  This method shows us how to identify and clear energy blockages in our subtle anatomy, allowing a free flow of life force that brings more clarity, strength and joy to our physical, mental, emotional and pscyo-spiritual levels .  Learn to realize and manifest that which you desire in life, by undertanding the polarities of your inner antaomy, and how to attract what you desire in life.